Who Are We?

For over 20 years, 99 Hosting have been providing internet related services to small business from registering and managing domain names, creating and providing email delivery solutions and creating and hosting dynamic content driven Ecommerce Web sites.

With advanced hosting capabilities, 99 Hosting and their long time partner, pg54.com have retained clients from the time they started 20 years ago to now.

Where Are We?

99 Hosting is located in the middle of England, with its Hosting Server located on a Tier 1 Server farm.

Amazing Uptime Figures allows our Server partner to boast:
'most of our servers have a 100% uptime record on a month by month basis'

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What Do We Do?

With access to state of the art servers, 99 Hosting can provide many services which include but not limited to:
Domain Name Registration
Hosted Email Solutions
Implementation of SSL Certificates
Advanced eCommerce Website Solutions

Driven by an advanced proprietary Content Management System or C.M.S, rapid development and updates of the eCommerce website solutions can be built upon and maintained by the client, cutting down on maintenance costs and providing an affordable solution to have a strong company presence on the Internet.